How do I Create an Account and Register?

In order to register for any courses, you first need to create an account. Creating an account is simple to do and does not obligate you to make any purchase.

Quick Guide
  1. Click on the Create Account button located at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your Email Address.
  3. Fill out the Create Account form.
  4. After you read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy click the Create Account button located at the bottom of the form.
  5. Please note your username and password.
  6. After you create an account, login, and you will be able to register for courses.
  7. Click the Registration button located on the top of the page.
  8. Click the Add Courses button to view the Course Catalog.
  9. Browse through the Course Catalog and click the Add Course link located under the course(s) you want to register for.
  10. After you click the Add Course link, you will be taken back to the Registration page where the courses are added to your cart and your purchase subtotal will be displayed.
  11. You can continue adding more courses by clicking the Add Courses link again.
  12. Once you are finished adding courses, select a payment type and click the Continue with Payment button.
  13. If you are paying by Debit or Credit, please enter in the card Billing Information. Once you have finished, click the Complete Registration button. Congratulations! You are now registered for your course/events. You will be emailed a receipt.
  14. If you are paying with Money Order or Check, please verify that all the information is correct and then click the "Complete Registration" button. Print the next page that displays and note the mailing instruction on the screen. You can click the "click here to return to the My Courses page" link once you have printed the page. When payment is received, you will be sent a confirmation email letting you know that you have now been granted access to your online courses.
  15. If any personal information displayed is incorrect, click on the My Profile button to update your information. As long as you haven't clicked the Complete Registration button, if any order information is incorrect or you decide to change your order, you may click the browser back button to change it.
How to Create an Account

Click on the Create Account button located on the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Please make sure that you enter a valid email address. Sensitive information can be delivered to you through this email address so it is important that you use an email address that is not shared with multiple people.

The email address you enter will serve as your username. If someone else has already registered using the same email address, you will be prompted to choose a different email address.

Once the system verifies your email address is valid and not already in use, the online Create Account form page will display.

After you enter your personal information, you will be asked to choose a password, security question, and security answer.

The password you choose should be something easy for you to remember but not something obvious that another person could guess. Your password must be between 6-25 characters long. Letters, numbers or shift/numeric characters are allowed. Your password may not contain blank spaces and is case sensitive.

Next, you must choose a security question and security answer. Security questions and answers are associated with your account to protect your security and privacy. If you forget your password, we will ask you the security question you choose here and use your security answer to verify your identity. Please make a note of your security question and answer for your records.

Before you complete creating an account, please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully. Once you have finished and agree, check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy checkbox.

Fields with a * are required to create an account. If there is a + sign next to a field, you can click the + sign to find out more information.

Once you are finished, click the Create Account button. Congratulations, you have just created your new account. You will receive an email shortly with account information. In the meantime, you can login and start registering for courses.

How to Register for Courses

First, you need a User Account. If you do not already have a User Account, please see above to learn how to create one.

You must be logged in to register for courses or events, so if you are not already logged in, please do so now.

Click on the Registration link located on the top of the page and then Add Courses to view the Course Catalog.

To view more information about each course listed, click the + sign next to the course/event title. If you wish to register for a course, click the Add Course link located below the course listing.

You will be sent back to the registration page where you will see a listing of all courses you have chosen to register for and a price subtotal. To add more courses, click the Add Courses again.

Once you have added all the courses you wish to register for, select a Payment Type and click the Continue with Payment button.

If you chose Credit/Debit, enter your Billing and Card Information. Once you have entered all the required information, click the Complete Registration button.

Your order will be placed, and you will be emailed a receipt and confirmation to the email address on file. You can click on the Home button to access your courses.

If you choose Check or Money Order, please confirm the information on the screen and then click the Complete Registration button. You will be given a page to print out and mailing information. Please print out the form provided and mail it with your check or money order to the address indicated. If the information listed is not correct, click on the My Profile button and update your information. When you return to this page, the information should be updated. Once you have printed the page, you may click the "click here to return to the My Courses page" link. Once payment has been received, we will email you letting you know your courses have been enabled.

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