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The online courses listed below are designed to be taken while on a computer that is connected to the internet. Click the + next to a course title to learn more about that course. If you wish to register for a course, click the Add Course link underneath the course listing. If the Add Course link is not present and a checkbox icon appears next to the course title, that means you are already registered for the course or are not currently eligible for registration.

Course 101 - Overview of the Travel Industry  
Course 102 - Lodging  
Course 103 - Tours and Groups  
Course 104 - Cruising  
Course 105 - Air Travel  
Course 106 - Rail, Car Rentals, and the Rest  
Course 107 - Travel Sales, Service, and Marketing  
Course 108 - Destinations - Americas  
Course 109 - Destinations - Europe  
Course 110 - Destinations - Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific  
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