I have used the courses at work and at home. At work, everything looks great but at home the graphics look strange. Why is there a difference?

The most likely cause for this is that one of the computers is able to display more colors than the other. In most cases, your personal computer should be able to support 256 colors or more. This is the minimum number of colors you'll need to view YTB E Campus courses properly. Your computer may be able to display 256 colors or greater, but for some reason it has been set to display less than that. To find out, try this.

On Windows computers, open the Control Panel window and double-click on the Display control panel. Once it is open, select the Setting tab along the top part of the window. You should see a listing of the number of colors you can set your computer monitor to, with the current setting being selected. Choose at least 256 colors. If you can select a higher setting, try it out. We believe you'll like what you see. After you've chosen a setting, click on the OK. You may be told that you'll need to reboot your computer for the change to take effect. Follow the recommendations made by Windows and then return to the YTB E Campus course.

For Macintosh computers, select Control Panel from the Apple menu and select the Monitors module. You'll see a listing of the number of colors your monitor can display. Select at least 256 colors and close the Control Panel window. Your screen should update to reflect the new setting.

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