What are the computer requirements to access the YTB E Campus courses?


  Minimum Recommended
Internet Connection Speed 28.8kps 56kps
Browser Version IE 6+, Firefox 1+, Opera 8+, Netscape 8+ Current Version of Firefox or IE 6+
Screen Resolution 1024*768 1024*768
Monitor Color Setting 256 32 bit
Browser - Cookies Set to Accept  
Browser - Java and JavaScript Set to Enabled  
Adobe Flash Player Flash Player 7+ Current Version
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader 7+ Current Version


In order to experience the training fully, you will need to use a computer with an Internet connection using at least a 28.8kps modem and a current web browser. We recommend Firefox 1.0 or higher, but Netscape 8+, IE 6+, or Opera 8+ will be fine. You can obtain any of these browsers, free of charge, using the links below and following the online instructions for installation. Your color setting should be 256 or greater.

These modules are designed for a screen resolution setting of 1024 x 768 or greater (right click on your desktop, preferences, settings).

Download Internet Explorer   Download Netscape   Get Firefox   Get Opera


Having a firewall set up on your computer usually does not affect your ability to use the training program. However, in a few cases, a firewall can prevent you from being able to log-in.

If you have trouble logging in, first, please check to make sure you are trying to log in at the proper web site and that you are using the correct password. Passwords are case sensitive so check your keyboard to see if Num Lock or Caps Lock are on.

If that doesn't work, you can configure your firewall to allow you access to the training program site. You can refer to the user manual that came with your firewall software, call the firewall provider help desk, or ask your IT department for help with your firewall.

Browser Settings:

Our courses use Active Server Pages. In order for these to function properly, you will need to use certain browser settings. The default browser settings should be fine, but in case these have been changed:
  • Internet Explorer (IE)
    • Go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy tab - set Settings to medium or low.
    • Remain on the Privacy tab and click the Advanced button. Cookies should be set to Accept or Prompt. Click OK.
    • Next click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Java(Sun) section and make sure Use JRE 1.5.0_04 for <applet> (requires restart) is checked.
  • Netscape
    • Tools/Options/Site Controls. Under Web Features make sure you have Allow Cookies, Enable JavaScript, and Enable Java checked.
  • Firefox
    • Tools/Options/Privacy. Expand the Cookies option and make sure Allow site to set cookies is selected.
    • Next click on Web Features. Make sure Enable Java and Enable JavaScript are checked.
  • Opera
    • Tools/Preferences/Advanced tab. Click on Content. Everything needs to be checked except for Show active frame border.
    • Next click on Cookies. Make sure you have Accept all cookies or Let me decide every time I receive one selected.
  • Mac OS X - Firefox
    • Firefox/Preferences. Click on Content. Enable Java and Enable Javascript need to be checked.
    • Next click on Privacy. Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked.
  • Mac OS X - Opera
    • Opera/Preferences. Click on the Advanced tab and then Content on the left side. Enable Java and Enable Javascript need to be checked.
    • Next click on Cookies on the left side. Make sure Accept cookies is checked.
  • Safari
    • Safari/Preferences. Click on Security. Enable Java and Enable Javascript need to be checked and Accept Cookies Only from sites I navigate to needs to be selected.
Finally, a word about fonts. Some modules require a great deal of reading from your screen. On a screen, sans-serif fonts (like Arial) are easier on your eyes. You may wish to set your fonts to view in Arial.
  • Internet Explorer - Tools/Internet Options/General tab/Fonts
  • Netscape - Tools/Options/General/Fonts & Colors
  • Firefox - Tools/Options/General/Fonts & Colors
  • Opera - Tools/Preferences/Advanced/Fonts
  • Mac OS X - Firefox - Firefox/Preferences/Content/Fonts & Colors
  • Mac OS X - Opera - Opera/Preferences/Advanced Tab/Fonts
  • Safari - Safari/Preferences/Appearance/Standard Font
Flash Player and Adobe Reader

If you do not have Flash Player or Adobe Reader you can download them free of charge by clicking on the following links.

Get Adobe Reader Get Adobe Flash Player

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